Thursday, June 7, 2012

Planning a new cemetery section?

We understand cemeteries. We understand the importance of upholding traditions. We understand that our memorials are undeniably different compared to cast bronze memorials.

When you start introducing Trigard Memorials into the new sections in your cemetery, you will find that customers in older sections of your cemetery will begin requesting unique and customized solutions for marking their loved ones' graves. 

Call 800.798.4900 and ask about our New Solutions program. Our all inclusive program will help walk you through all of the ways that Trigard Memorials can help you be even more profitable.  

With tools ranging from the sales office to the cemetery, we have ideas that have been tested across the country to boost your success.

Don't let cemetery regulations hold you back

Are you ready to bring your families the highest quality of memorials available, but feel like you're held back by your cemetery regulations? We can help you handle that.

We understand that many cemeteries have restrictive regulations in place. We have developed two addendums to help you modify your regulations. With the modifications, your cemetery maintains approval of the memorials being brought into the cemetery, but is no longer restricted to a specific material or vendor.

Still have questions? Call us at 800.798.4900.

Classic look, modern resilience

Trigard's Classique memorials are built to last. The distinctive contemporary design and rich finish provide ultimate value without compromising unsurpassed quality. Choose emblems, words of endearment or a vase to add layers of personalization.

Learn more about Classique memorials or call Customer Service at 800.798.4900 to order today. 

New sales binders available now

Our new sales binders are a handy tool. Inside you'll find everything you need to start selling better.

The new binders were designed as a sales presentation resource. Larger images and diagrams make it easy to tell the story of the strength and beauty of Trigard Memorials, and a CD containing electronic order forms makes completing a sale easier than ever. 

Call Customer Service at 800.798.4900 to order your sales binder today.

A Façade™ for every niche

Our Façade personal memorials are a versatile tool for funeral homes and cemeteries. Did you know the smaller, keepsake size Façade fits most niche walls and towers 

When a family chooses a lower-cost urn, offer them the Façade keepsake memorial. Place the urn on the deck behind the Façade and instantly add value to the niche-front display.
Learn more about Façade or call 800.798.4900 to order your starter kit today.

A versatile tool for funeral professionals

When the families you serve choose a Façade personal memorial, vessel memorial or urn deck, they can take it home, fully customized, in minutes.

The versatility of the Façade is what makes it such a unique and valuable tool in our industry. The Façade can be used as an urn deck, in a niche, at home as an elegant keepsake memorial, or as a rental for cremation ceremonies.
Learn more or call Customer Service at 800.498.7900 to order your Façade starter kit today.