Friday, July 20, 2012

Links to dealer materials

Attention Trigard Dealers,

As you may already know, we are experiencing some technical issues with our website. We hope to have the site back up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may utilize the following list of links to our dealer materials. Thank you for your patience as we work to get things corrected.


Miscellaneous and Music
Occupations and Religious
Religious (ctd) and Sports
Sports (ctd) and Transportation
Transportation (ctd) and Various Organizations

Order Forms

Art-Inspired (Victorian and Art Deco) Order Form - NEW!
Collage Order Form
Facade Order Form - NEW!
Facade Keepsake Order Form - NEW!
Gallery Order Form
Gen X/Y-Inspired Order Form - NEW!
Granite Order Form
Infant/Child Memorial Order Form
Medallion Order Form (including QR code medallion) - UPDATED!
Niche Plate Order Form
Paragon Order Form
Paragon Plaque Order Form
Pet Memorial Order Form
Plaque Order Form
Portrait Order Form
Scroll Order Form
Social Media Memorial Order Form - NEW!
Urn Order Form
Veteran Companion Cast Bronze Order Form - NEW! 

Variety Monuments by Trigard Order Forms 
Memorial Rock Order Form - NEW!
Collage Plaque Order Form - NEW!
Paragon Plaque Order Form - NEW!
Pet Memorial Rock Order Form - NEW! 

Wall Display Order Forms
180 Wall Display System Order Form
Memorial Rocks Wall Display Order Form - NEW!

 Product Literature

Art-Inspired Memorials Brochure (Art Deco and Victorian)
Classique Memorials Brochure
Collage Memorials Brochure
Facade Brochure - NEW!
Facade Personal Memorials Info Sheet and Endearment Template - NEW!

Gallery Memorials Brochure
Gen X/Y-Inspired Memorials Brochure (including Social Media Memorial)
Infant/Child Memorials Brochure
Medallion Brochure
Memorial Rock Brochure

Paragon Memorials Brochure
Portrait Memorials Brochure
UV Memorials Brochure
Veteran Companion Sales Sheet - NEW