Friday, September 7, 2012

Discover new ways to save

Stuart McDaniels, Materials Manager
One thing I have learned as Materials Manager at Trigard is that it's important to create a culture of cost awareness within your organization.  
Your employees are on the front lines and can find the less obvious expenses that you may never notice. You might even consider sharing some of the savings that your staff discovers. You would be surprised at how passionately your employees will support you in finding new efficiencies if you empower and reward them.  
Another proven way to increase your bottom line is to choose the right supplier partners. At Trigard, we go to great lengths to ensure we choose suppliers who truly want to help us succeed and want to be an ally in our business growth. If we succeed, then so do they.
As a Trigard customer, we want you to succeed. We care about costs because we know you do. You benefit from our cost reduction efforts just as we do from our suppliers' efforts. When we work efficiently we all become stronger.

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