Friday, February 1, 2013

The strength of Trigard

Did you know that in 2003, Sherry Laboratories in Muncie, Indiana, conducted independent testing to measure the tensile strength and hardness of Trigard wrought bronze?

The result: Trigard's direct-to-metal technology process resulted in a product that was more than three times stronger and nearly 2.5 times harder than other products.

Why should you care? We designed our memorials to sit flush against the granite so they will not buckle when under strain from heavy cemetery equipment. The sleek design also eliminates the chance of leaves and other debris accumulating underneath the memorial. All of this to say, our dealers can expect to spend more time selling memorials and less time filling out costly repair orders.

Still not convinced? We're so confident in the endurance of our memorials that we offer a 15-year limited warranty.
Our exclusive Dura-Sheen® clear coat protects classic oxide and Brilliant Impressions® color finishes. The clear coat is baked onto the memorial to seal it in a protective shell, protecting the beauty and detail of the unique memorial for years to come. 
Learn more about Trigard Memorials or call Customer Service at 800.798.4900 to order.

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