Thursday, April 17, 2014

What do your taxes teach you?

Beth VadeBonCoeur,
With April 15 now in our rear view mirror, we can all take a sigh of relief. So many of us dread tax time and tend to just sign our returns and file our paperwork.

When you get your return, do you take a minute to look it over? If you don't, you should. This is the ideal time to analyze your financial situation and your tax returns can have some helpful information.
  • When comparing your income from year to year, is it growing or staying steady?
  • Use your year-end statements to track your return on investments, the balance of your mortgage and the contributions to your retirement plan.
  • Are you withholding too much? A large tax refund is always nice, but receiving the money in your paycheck might be better for your budget.
  • On the other side, no one wants to pay a large balance every year. Are quarterly estimates needed to avoid a large due balance?
Your tax returns can provide you with so much information about your financial well-being. So, don't look at it as an evil document, but as a tool to help you track your financial progress. 

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