Thursday, July 31, 2014

Take a walk down memorial lane

Drew Edwards,
General Manager,
Sunset Funeral Homes
Have you ever taken the time to walk around your cemetery grounds and really look at the memorials? You would be amazed at the difference between the older markers and the markers designed in the last 10 years.

The older memorials are simpler with just a name, dates and a generic emblem. It is hard to tell much about the person or the life they lived. But, today's memorials, and even those 10 years old, makes me feel as if I knew the person, their beliefs and their passions. I am truly amazed at how much of a difference color and photos really make. There is less focus on the death and so much more focus on the life lived.

It is our job as professionals in the death care industry to make sure that all of the families we serve understand their memorialization options. I truly believe that every memorial should tell a story. I encourage you to be a resource for families. Educate yourself about the newest memorialization options. Go to conventions, read industry publications and ask for more ideas. Every life's story is worth telling. 

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