Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Don't miss out because you're stuck in your ways

Rich Darby,
Chief Operating Officer
How do you know you have a good product? How do you know you are making a difference? I knew when I heard this powerful story.

A family wanted to honor their loved one with a personalized bronze memorial filled with colorful photos. However, the cemetery they chose only offered traditional memorials with emblems and borders. Instead of settling for something that wasn’t exactly what they wanted, they got online and found Trigard Memorials. We connected them with a dealer, and the family designed a beautiful, unique, modern memorial that tells the story of their loved one’s life. They brought it back to the cemetery, and it is now a special place for the family to share memories.

But that’s not the end of the story. It gets even better.

A woman was walking in that same cemetery and the Collage memorial caught her eye. She was so impressed with it that she called the cemetery office to order a similar design for her loved one. The cemetery told her that they didn’t offer that type of memorial and sent her on her way.

The woman was so intent on getting her loved one a personalized bronze memorial that she wrote a message on a post-it note, stuck it on the bronze memorial in the cemetery and hoped the other family saw it. The note asked the family to please give her the name of the company that they purchased the memorial from so she could order one for her loved one as well. And they absolutely did.

WOW! By insisting on only offering traditional memorials, this cemetery lost out on two memorial sales. And not just any sales. These families were so passionate about honoring their loved ones in just the right way that they were willing to do a lot of legwork.

Are you letting your old ways prevent you from giving families what they are asking for? In all my years of manufacturing, I have never heard such a powerful story. It makes me proud to be part of a company that produces a product that folks will go the extra mile to order.

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