Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Give your ads new life

The Trigard marketing team's job is two-fold: we raise brand awareness by communicating to you, members of our industry, and we create materials that you can use to communicate to your customers, the families you serve. It makes sense that we have specific tactics for each audience. We speak to memorialization professionals about providing value and increasing revenue; we speak to consumers about the importance of remembering their loved ones.

Even so, many of the materials we produce for memorialization professionals can be quickly adapted for consumers. Ads about Memorial Rocks, wall displays featuring custom memorials and literature can be ready for you to share with the families you serve with just a few tweaks. We can even personalize the materials, adding your name and contact information as the call-to-action.

The next time you see something from Trigard, consider if it might be a message you'd like to share with your customers. If so, give us a call at 800.798.4900 or email We'd be happy to put those materials to work for you.

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