Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Honor thy neighbor with a bronze memorial

John Albers,
Plant Manager
Memorialization doesn’t just occur in our cemeteries. It appears in parks and schools, government buildings and grounds from municipal to federal. Memorials are dedicated by family, friends, shipmates, classmates and teammates.

Recently, I helped a group of elderly men, a morning coffee group, design and set a small bronze memorial at the base of a flag pole which stood in a neighborhood park. The plaque included the gentleman’s name and the quote, “Keeper of the Flag.” Obviously, this departed friend had seen to it that Old Glory was always in good shape and displayed properly. The dedication was an informal ceremony. A half dozen gentlemen, some of their wives and the widow of the deceased were present. There was immense pride on the faces of everyone in attendance. The name of their friend, who they loved and appreciated so much, was now a permanent reminder of the memories they shared while building and caring for the park.

I hope you’re always finding new ways to build bridges between your business and the community. It could create opportunities for people to keep memories alive and honor those that had such great impacts on their lives.

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