Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Do you offer more than a price?

Ross Darby,
Director of Business
Have you ever been so impressed with a company’s products or services that money is not an issue? In my opinion, there is more than one way of selling people on your product before even mentioning the price. By excelling and perfecting all the “little” things that you do, you are setting yourself apart from the competition.

Today, many companies are so worried about battling the price war that they forget about everything else. You’ve worked hard to create a business built on value, don’t sacrifice that and devalue your products and services. Show potential customers your worth by:
  • Offering great customer service
  •  Providing high-quality products or services
  • Establishing good payment terms
  • Offering a better warranty than your competitor
When you begin slashing prices to compete with the companies who are low balling their value, you end up sacrificing revenue. Stick to your guns, and stay true to your brand. Believing in what you do is the first step. And, when you believe in your company, your true value will shine through.

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