Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Attitude of gratitude

By Scott Darby, Media Manager and Certified Funeral Celebrant,
Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel & Cremation Center

A little over a year ago, I started the “practice of gratitude” in my life and it has made a world of difference in my perspective.

I used to think that the world was against me and that I had to fight for everything. I was coming from a place of self-will instead of a place of thankfulness. Not anymore! The byproducts of this new attitude are amazing. I feel a greater sense of happiness and contentment. I have stronger personal relationships. I don’t feel the need to struggle, because things come more naturally to me. I could go on and on.

To give you an example, I always get the same feeling around Labor Day. You know the feeling I’m talking about… the summer-is-officially-over blues. It feels like an internal shift from low gear to high gear.

When I was a kid, Labor Day meant the long lazy days of summer were behind me. I was back to school and all I had to look forward to was a regular schedule of homework. As an adult, BBQs turn into board meetings. In the past, this shift made me a little depressed. However, this year I’m excited for Fall and what it will bring. I feel this way because I am grateful - grateful that I came home and found my place in our profession. After all, we what we do is so important.

Wikipedia defines a memorial as “an object which serves as a focus for memory of something.”
I mention this because I want you to understand we at Trigard Memorials see our memorials as more than just handcrafted pieces of bronze or aluminum. We know our products represent lives that need to be celebrated. We are in the business of preserving memories, and we are grateful for that!

Join me in this attitude of gratitude. Never forget that what you do is amazing. Sure, it is a great responsibility, but look how you are rewarded. Every day, you get to help people memorialize those who are loved and precious to them. You get the opportunity to touch lives deeply. You get to contribute to the greater good!

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