Monday, January 11, 2016

Create a lasting impression

Jeff Miller,
Vice President of
Business Development
Most of the time, the first thing families think of when losing a loved one is the funeral, then maybe the casket and then the grave. But, the piece that creates the most lasting impression is the memorial.

All aspects of remembering a family's loved one are important and contribute to the journey to healthy healing. This includes the visitation, the funeral and the graveside ceremony. They are all extremely important in celebrating a life well lived. They begin the healing process and allow friends and family to say goodbye. However, when a family chooses to memorialize their loved one with a uniquely designed piece of bronze or finely etched granite headstone, they will keep their loved ones memory alive for generations. For example, 20 years from now when our great-great-grandchildren ask about their heritage, their parents can bring them to the cemetery and show them our memorials. By creating a permanent memorial, we are creating a special place for future generations to gather, share and create memories for years to come.

The permanent memorial is usually the last component a family receives after losing a loved one. Let’s all do our part in helping families understand the importance of memorializing and creating a legacy for future generations.

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