Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trigard introduces micro-columbarium for small cemeteries

Trigard Burial Vaults has created a columbarium no larger than the size of a traditional upright, granite memorial. Designed to accommodate the budget and space needs of smaller cemeteries, the Trigard Monu-Niche holds 12 cremation units, yet has the footprint of only 48-inches wide. Each unit can be used as a companion unit, so that the Monu-Niche can accommodate 24 loved ones. This unique cremation solution can be marketed to multiple families or as a private estate.

“It is an easy and affordable way for church and privately-owned cemeteries to meet cremation needs,” said Trigard Project Manager Blake Swinford. “The risk and commitment are minimal. Once cemeterians find success with a Monu-Niche, they can simply add more.” 

Sitting on a solid granite base, the Monu-Niche is designed to blend into the classical beauty in many cemeteries. It is also available in a 64-inch width and comes with personalized bronze cover plates. Built-in flower vases are optional. To learn more about Trigard, call 800-637-1992 or visit

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