Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ashes, cremated remains or something else?

Jeff Miller,
Vice President of Business
When helping a family who has chosen cremation, how do you refer to the cremated body? Ashes? Cremains? While the industry preferred term is cremated remains, to a family it is still their mother or father, aunt or uncle or husband or wife. It is their loved one.

Families who have chosen cremation care about their loved ones just as much as families who choose traditional burial. When talking with a family, would you ever refer to a traditional burial as "casketed remains?"

Cremation and burial both involve the body of a cherished family member. When you place the same level of importance and value on both types of services, your business will grow.

We understand that part of growing is offering innovative products that appeal to families who choose cremation. We are constantly striving to create new products that will meet the needs of your families. That is why you will see our new Cremation Memorial at the upcoming ICCFA Convention and Expo in Las Vegas. It is the latest addition to our cremation memorialization product line.

For more information about our cremation products, call our Customer Service team at 800.798.4900. 

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