Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tell their story in color

Linda Darby,
Chief Executive Officer

When at a graveside service, have you ever seen a beautifully designed graphic on a burial vault? So beautiful that you can feel the love and thought that went into the design?

The other day, my siblings and I were in a meeting with a gentleman who had just lost his mother. On her burial vault he had created a graphic that truly represented her life. It was filled with images and names of their family. It was one of the finest tributes I have seen in a while.

A family values a burial vault graphic because it helps tell the story of their loved one's life. It brings the story all of the way to their final resting place. Did you know you can continue telling that story with a beautiful design above ground as well? Trigard Memorials can tell the story on a bronze memorial with detailed images and Brilliant Impressions® full color.

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