Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Protect yourself from identity theft

Brodie Krause,
IT Manager
Another day, another data breach. News broke earlier this month of a data breach at Home Depot, resulting in stolen credit card information and personal data. In response, Home Depot has begun offering a year of free identity protection and insurance through AllClear ID.

Services like AllClear ID  and actively scan for threats to your identity's security.  As a member, you receive:
  • Monthly reports of the status of your identity
  • Immediate alerts if any questionable activity shows up
  • Assessment tools to help to determine your level of risk
  • “Lost Wallet” services to help in the event your wallet is lost or stolen
Beyond this, make sure you are following extra measures to keep your online footprint secure. Utilize a password manager program to break the habit of using the same password at every site. I prefer a program called KeePass, which is free and installs on your computer. Most email and social network sites now offer two-factor authentication, which is currently the best way to prevent a hacker from getting into your accounts should they acquire your password.

Take the security of your identity seriously. At this point it isn’t a question of "if" your identity will be compromised, it’s “when.” So make use of all the tools available and educate yourself on how to stay secure.

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