Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aim small, miss small

Have you ever seen The Patriot? Mel Gibson has a famous line that has become a tenet of marksmanship.

“Aim small, miss small.” The idea is that if you just aim at a large, general target, and miss, you miss entirely. But if you aim at a small, specific mark on the target, and miss that mark, you’ll still likely hit the larger target. In short, if you’re aiming carefully, a miss isn’t always a total loss.

So where are you aiming? Is it at the general target of completing a service for a family that’s “good enough?” What happens when you miss? A miss at that level would be a failure. It would mean that the family wasn’t served.

Brodie Krause, IT Manager
Instead, consider setting your sights on excellence. You may still miss, and you may not achieve excellence, but you’ll still have delivered something great. Plus aiming for excellence carries the additional bonus of challenging you to push harder and do better next time.

I can assure you, everyone here at Trigard always has excellence as their goal. We are never satisfied delivering you a product or service that is “good enough.” We want to be your partner in excellence and set you up to achieve the same level of success.

So let’s resolve to ban “good enough” from our vocabulary. Let’s not be tempted by settling for a large target. Let’s aim small, miss small and achieve great things together.
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