Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Your last minute Memorial Day grounds checklist

Patrick Lewis,
Grounds Manager,
Sunset Memorial Park
Memorial Day visitors are just around the corner. Although the official holiday is eighteen days away, we all know that families will start visiting our cemeteries and memorial parks much sooner than that. I’m sure your grounds crew has been hard at work for weeks in preparation of the busiest weekend of the year. But what details have they saved for the last minute?

Here’s what’s on our list at Sunset Memorial Park for the next two weeks:

  • Trimming and mowing: We usually stop mowing on the Wednesday before the holiday weekend, but we have to keep an eye on the weather. More rain means more mowing.
  • Raising markers: Did you have a hard winter? Are your grounds wet? We’ve identified and raised many markers and repaired areas of the park that have been impacted by severe and wet weather. In the next two weeks, we’ll continue this process.
  • Flower regulations: Be sure you have clear flower regulations and share them in a caring way with your visitors. Information about clean up after the holiday is vital. Remember to use a warm tone when you share your regulations. While you certainly need rules, you need to make sure your visitors feel welcomed.
  • Post-holiday priorities: We’re already thinking about the work planned for after the holiday weekend. We’ve partnered with our cemetery sales staff, who will greet visitors all weekend. They’ll get us a list of vases that need attention, refinish requests and markers that need to be raised.
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