Thursday, April 23, 2015

To memorialize, or not to memorialize?

Karen Darby-Ritz,
Advance Planning Manager,
Camino del Sol Funeral
Chapel & Cremation Center
To memorialize, or not memorialize; that is the question. I'm taking some liberty with a quote from Shakespeare, but this question is definitely on many people’s minds.

I’m located in Arizona, where our projected cremation rate is nearly 67 percent this year. When I’m out in our community, people often ask me, “Why does memorialization matter?” Instead of being discouraged, I light up. I know that memorialization matters, and now I have an opportunity to share my passion and educate.

So what do I say?

First, memorialization gives us an opportunity to share our legacy. It’s important for future generations to know each of us existed. We have a rich history, and a cemetery or memorial park is where our history is permanently and publicly recorded.

Second, memorialization will help your family heal. When you give your family and friends a place to visit, share stories and acknowledge special dates and holidays, their healing process can continue in a healthy way.

Also, there are so many modern memorialization options. Your permanent memorial can be traditional or include color photographs that capture milestones from your life. It can be a in the ground or up on a niche tower; on a memorial rock or as part of a private estate monument.

Lastly, you matter! Deep down inside we all want to feel as if we had an impact on the world; if not the world at large, OUR world. We want to feel as though we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. Permanent memorialization is a way to leave your mark and remember that you mattered to so many special people.

So, to memorialize, or not to memorialize? There’s no question in my mind. The answer is a resounding, "YES!"

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