Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Capturing memories with "new technology"

Donna Darby-Walthall,
Chief Financial Officer
Do you remember when we loaded a roll of film into our cameras in order to take a picture? Then when the roll was finished, we took them in to be developed. We would then walk away with actual photographs in our hands, instead of on a screen. Today, that is seen as “old technology.”

You can call me old fashioned and make fun of me, because my daughters do all the time. But, I liked it when technology wasn’t such a big deal, because I have to admit, I am not technologically savvy. I liked loading film into my camera and having photographs in my hands. I don’t understand a lot of the devices and jargon being used today. What does storing on the cloud really mean? How do you use a selfie stick? And, boy is it a big deal to get pictures off of my camera now.

Where am I going with this you ask? No matter how you take pictures or get them developed, we need to be sure we are capturing our memories. Not only are they great to look at in the future, but pictures help tell the story of our lives. In the future when our loved ones are searching for pictures to create a permanent memorial, their options will be plentiful.

Personally, I am going to challenge myself to learn how to better use my digital camera and this “new to me” technology, because in the end it is a much better way to capture memories. I encourage you to talk to families about taking pictures and do it yourself as well. There is nothing better than finding an old photo to bring back a ton of memories.

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