Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 tips for breaking bad cellphone habits

Sheryl Baumeister,
Human Resources
I recently read an article on entrepreneur.com called, "The 10 biggest productivity killers and how to overcome them," and it listed cellphone use as the number one productivity killer. Are you surprised? I'm not! Researchers have actually found that people get legitimately anxious if they are away from their phones for too long. It's no wonder that this one tops the list.

Since July is “National Cellphone Courtesy Month,” let’s see if we can become a little more respectful and aware of our surroundings when using our cellphones. Here are just a few tips to get started:
  1. Be in the now. Anytime you are expected to participate or simply listen to someone, silence your phone. There’s no need to look at your phone every time someone sends you a text or comments on a Facebook post.
  2. Keep confidential information private. Be aware of your surroundings. You never know who might overhear part, or all, of your conversation. If you need privacy, find an empty room or quiet corner to have your conversation.
  3. Avoid “cell yell.” Always use your regular conversational voice when speaking on your cell phone. Be mindful of your volume in busy places where people tend to speak more loudly.
  4. Be a responsible driver. Don’t answer your phone if you’re in heavy traffic or hazardous driving conditions. Wait until you come to a stop or arrive at your destination before taking the opportunity to return the call. Always use a hands-free device so you can focus on your driving. And, please remember to NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE.
  5. Get unplugged occasionally. Leave your phone in another room and try not to check it more than two or three times a day. Give yourself a smartphone break once and awhile. You should be in control of your phone, not the other way around. 

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