Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you leaving money on the table?

Beth Vadeboncoeur, Accountant
As Trigard's in-house accountant, it's my job to be sure all of the numbers come together. I I have the unique perspective of watching the numbers on both the supplier side and the consumer side of the equation. This deserves extra attention when it comes to pre-arrangements.

For your customers who have prearranged and prepaid for memorials, how do you ensure money isn't left on the table at the time of need? When a family comes to you, ready to order their prearranged memorial, they may request special characters or more words or photos than their prepaid marker includes. Instead of just explaining the allowances to them and helping them edit away the extras, explain to them the small, additional charges required to make the memorial look exactly as they'd like it. Just as you would for an upgrade to a casket, burial vault or print package, use this opportunity to help the family celebrate their loved one's life just the way they want.

Having trouble calculating the difference? Call our customer service team at 800.798.4900. They'd be happy to help you work out the details or talk through design options.

Product spotlight: Take Classique to the next level

Have you ever worked with a family who likes the traditional look of the Classique memorials, but wants options that go beyond our standard offerings of Dogwood/Roses and Tierra/Pine? Thanks to our unique manufacturing process and talented designers, memorials can be modified to include custom borders, custom emblems not found in our library, or even an oxide portrait. And it's easy to communicate exactly what you want with our interactive order forms. There are, of course, additional costs for these customizations, but they give you even more flexibility to create a memorial that honors their loved one perfectly.
Call 800.798.4900 to learn more about how to customize Classique memorials or pricing.

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