Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don't settle for the basics

Drew Edwards,
Sunset Funeral Homes
General Manager
As a funeral director for over 20 years, I have seen many changes in our industry. Traditional funerals have slowly diminished, and cremation and immediate dispositions are on the rise. Today's consumer desires products and services that are different than what the families we serve wanted 20 years ago. But "different" does not always mean "less."

Today's consumer demands value for every dollar they spend. As a funeral director, it is my job to offer a family an experience that exceeds their expectations. That experience doesn't stop after the funeral. For me, it begins the moment they first contact to us and extends to placing the final memorial. To exceed expectations, everything must showcase the unique personality of the loved one, and tell a story the whole world can share.

There are so many great products and ideas to help create something meaningful and memorable. That's exactly what Trigard Memorials does with bronze memorials. Don't settle for the basics. Make sure that every funeral home
and family you serve has a memorial that is as unique as the life it represents.

Product spotlight: Pet memorial

You already know that we offer beautiful memorial rocks and estate boulders to add beauty to the landscape of the cemetery while honoring a life well-lived. But did you know that we also have lightweight memorial rocks designed specifically for our furred and feathered friends? Our pet memorial rocks are the perfect tribute to cherished companions. They look great in a pet cemetery or in a home garden. Come see all of our pet products in Austin at the 2013 NFDA Convention and Expo beginning October 20.

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