Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time to say farewell to Windows XP

Brodie Krause,
IT Manager
What operating system is powering the computers in your office? More than likely a majority of you are still running a version called Windows XP. Did you know, as of last month, Microsoft is no longer offering support for Windows XP? It has been around since 2001, and with the rapid advancements of technology, it is surprising that Microsoft has supported it this long.

If you haven't begun the process of replacing your office computers, it's time to stop holding out. While you may have noticed the world did not end when Microsoft stopped supporting their long time running operating system, don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. With the lack of support by Microsoft, you will start to see issues with your computers as hackers begin to identify weaknesses. The quicker you can get rid of this ancient operating system, the better.

A few things to consider when on the hunt for a new operating system:
  • Depending on your hardware, you may be able to keep your current machine and purchase an upgrade to Windows 7, a version of Windows that will be familiar and more stable than XP.
  • You can purchase all new machines with Windows 7 pre-loaded.
  • You can go with Windows 8, which has a less familiar user interface, but a longer shelf-life.
Whatever you decide to do, I suggest getting a plan in place and starting the process. Because, continuing to cling to Windows XP is only going to hurt you more in the long run.

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