Thursday, May 29, 2014

To scatter or not scatter... continued

Jeff Miller, Vice President of
Business Development
In this week's Modern Memorialization newsletter, I discussed how families don't realize that scattering their loved one's remains is not a form of permanent memorialization.

Permanent memorialization is always the best long-term option. But what do you do if the family insists on scattering?

Begin by explaining that they can choose both scattering and permanent memorialization. The family can scatter, then dedicate a special place in your cemetery for the benefit of future generations. Even without cremated remains present, dedicating a memorial plaque or memorial rock will give them to have a special place where they can return and share memories for years to come.

Also, most families don't realize that  cremated remains can be separated. The family can choose to scatter a portion of the remains, but inter the rest in a niche tower or in-ground cremation memorial

If the family insists on scattering, it is our responsibility to ask the right questions and educate them. If you would like to discuss Trigard Memorials' cremation options, please contact me at 419.290.7707 or

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